Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finally, at the service station. Phew!

16 Jan.  My Chevy suffers the first damage on her port side when I negotiate her through a curve on a narrow stretch of road to bring home the 'ayurvedic' physician to have my mom checked for her body aches and pains, consequent to a fall.

12 Feb. The car suffers a second damage when an oncoming tipper lorry smashes the starboard rear view mirror into smithereens. Since I was headed to the servicing station and on advice from the technical guys, the rear view mirrors were provided with alternate chrome plated covers - an arrangement that I'd agreed to as a stop gap arrangement as there wasn't any other alternative because they didn't have the original backing on stock, the chrome backings were comparatively cheap and the car was anyway, falling due for her servicing @ 45,000 km shortly, when I'd the option to return to the original backings and there was no question of 'admitting' her as Lekha's treatment at the Jubilee Mission Hospital was poised to commence a few days from then.

17 Feb. The car suffers the third damage from a Kinetic Honda, driven by a young lady, this time on her port side which turns out to be a fairly large black patch.

Many of the people who happened to see the car's ignominy, during the period, had a lot of questions for me to answer and I'd to patiently narrate the incidents with the ultimate blame heaped upon myself - there's no escaping that! And it wasn't yet time for the vehicle to be taken to the servicing station as events simply overtook my schedule and a few long distant trips had to be undertaken soon after the hospital attachment.

Consequently, when stopped at the traffic lights, my Chevy came under intense scrutiny of the other motorists. Probably, pitying the plight of the good car in the hands of a wayward(?) owner?!

Finally, the great day had dawned and I could hand over my Chevy for her servicing and defect rectification, today. And I ain't even thinking of the final bill because the work needs to be done and the car has to be brought back to its smart looks!


As I was driven off from the servicing station, my customer service advisor tells me and I quote, "Sir, you're one of the few owners that I've come across who loves his/her vehicle so much. Don't worry I assure you of our best support at all times". I'd acknowledged his compliments but he's never gonna know the tremendous anguish that I used to have in driving my 'defaced' Chevy for the past two months!    

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