Friday, April 11, 2014

Elections, after all, throws up facts!

Since the biggest elections are under away can't resist going back to the stories connected with it which, of course, the media has covered/been covering in depth. So I wouldn't like to repeat them but would like to go through a few of them from my viewpoint and here I go:-

      (a) The truth is out.

       The book, 'The Accidental Prime Minister' written by the PM's ex-media adviser, Sanjaya Baru, has
       confirmed that was always speculated in the public domain - it's Sonia Gandhi who'd cleared almost
       all the important files for the Prime Minister. Logic, then, suggests that all the scam-ridden actions like
       the Commonwealth Games imbroglio, 2G spectrum allocation, coal block allocations and wonder how
       many more unearthed ones can be heaped on her about which she owes an explanation to the people
       of this country. Is this what she's given back to her simple party workers who'd loved her whole
       heartedly and literally, wept when she couldn't become PM in the first attempt. And remember the
       drama that was played around implying that she'd sacrificed it all when all she was doing was to wield
       power from behind - responsibility without accountability!

      (b) Personal slanging.

       One was under the impression that Rahul Gandhi and his friends didn't require to go after their
       political opponents on a personal level however much the provocation. Their new ideas and vision
       for the country - explained properly and patiently to the people - were more than adequate to carry
       them along because they'd started off on a lot of goodwill. But over the last weeks, they've proved
       that they intend carrying on with the dirty tricks of their predecessors with a viciousness that leaves
       a bad taste in the mouth. And his remarks about Modi's wife reminded one about a crass remark,
       made years earlier, by his dad, 'naani yaad kara denge' - that dented his gentlemanly image for the
       first time!

       (c) Dad's the limit!

        The Hindi film actress, Ayesha Takia, has reasons to be disgusted with her dad-in-law for saying out his
        mind on rape and about his opinion about rapists. He's just trying to be more loyal than the king -
        his political leader, Mulayam Singh Yadav. Sincerely hope that his constituency and its voters would
        teach him a lesson at the hustings! Enough is enough!!


One has always wondered as to how one can show one's face in public after uttering absolutely horrible and mean things about the others. I suppose, this is what shamelessness and a thick hide are all about! And how can these people ever provide path breaking legislation meant for the good of their people?

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