Sunday, April 20, 2014

A blast from the past!

I'd my friend and his family dropping in on us this afternoon. Actually, we'd planned it before when he'd informed me about his proposed trip to the temple town about a month back. We're together at Chilka during '89-'90 and had struck a fine relationship. We'd to catch up on many things and it turned out that he'd looked forward to the late afternoon meeting just as eagerly as I did!

As we went through the personalities and events of the past, it's exhilarating to note that his sense of humour was intact and he continued to possess that wonderful quality of laughing so very easily. Thanks, Kothuri sir, it's nice of you to come by and I look forward to your next trip as you say that you've your annual pilgrimage to this place in place.

      *                                                    *                                                      *

The Mercury continues to rise and the summer heat has become a scorcher. Air conditioners have become a must but what about the many who can't afford them or the others who detest and feel miserable in controlled temperatures? Actually, high roofed, tiled houses of the past are the natural remedies but their maintenance and the expertise at setting them up are hard to get these days. The water table has been steadily receding and one wonders as to whether the well in our courtyard will see us through this summer, without difficulty!

Meanwhile, the consumption of water has been fairly constant if not for the occasional spikes!

       *                                                   *                                                      *

The evening walk was okay with me taking off a little earlier than usual. And somewhere in between, a few youngsters beckoned me to join them in their game of cricket which I readily accepted. In that short span of time, I tried to impart my little knowledge of the game to all those present who seemed to be quite excited about the whole affair.

And as I broke off to resume my walk, they said in unison that they looked forward to my joining them tomorrow. I waved at them without offering a commitment!


By the time I'd hit the sack, it was almost midnight. The evening hours just seem to be too little and in too great a hurry to play out!

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