Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A short, sweet trip!

It's a short trip to Kollam where our classmate's son was getting married at the Anandavalleeswaram temple. We're four of us who'd set off from Kochi after an early breakfast.

The trip was fine with the four of us reminiscing our school days and a wide range of personalities, who'd flitted in and out of our lives during our stay there, were recalled. The ubercool environs of Josekutty Thomas' Audi made it comfortable. By going through the many events and incidents, we could get newer insights into our behavioural pattern while at school. There were no ill feelings from the past and instead, a collective eagerness to be networked to one and all so as to get as many of us as possible in the get together, that's being planned for the next year, was evident.

By the time we reached the venue, Arjun and Shilpa'd become man and wife. After wishing them and exchanging pleasantries, it was time to interact with our other classmates who'd fetched up from Thiruvananthapuram and nearabouts. Though we did meet quite a few of the guests, after the initial stages, our group remained as one, spinning one yarn after the other, punctuated with frequent guffaws.

All too soon, it was time to break up and the four of us were back on the home stretch. The farewell was a bit long drawn out because all of us didn't want to part company and tried to linger on for that extra minute, that could be tweaked out in the available circumstances. But most of us had to get back and there were deadlines that had to be met.

By the time I was at The Quarterdeck, it's about 8 PM. My sister and nephew had arrived an hour earlier and they're gonna be here with us for a couple of days!


The interaction with my sister and her son, eased out the melancholia that was within me at having to disengage with my classmates earlier on!    

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