Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sanath's 'whirlwind' tour.

It was raining guests today. After casting her vote, Lekha's kid sister along with her second son and a thorough brat, Sanath, had fetched up around lunch time. His latest craze is a set of toy guns that fires darts!

And for some unfathomable reason, his first target was my mom. The dart that he'd fired landed straight on the right eyepiece of her spectacles. Thankfully, because of its quality, there wasn't any damage except for the fact that my mom was left shaken for a while and because of the spontaneous chorus of disapproval from all quarters, he'd quietly dumped the guns and taken on to other pastimes.

I heard him ask Lekha, for the nth time, as to why he didn't figure in the two collages of the photographs from our albums. As I'd said earlier too, it's a tricky question and the fact is that the omission has been accidental! I suppose for him it's beyond his realm of thinking that we could forget him in our scheme of things. The strange look that he gives after perusing them seems to say, 'Look, this isn't fair and I can't for the life of me understand as to why you did it. And how about taking a corrective action please?'

He was running all around the house at his frenetic pace and his mother had crossed her heart that nothing uncomfortable should befall upon him. It's the same old story about all moms with hyperactive kids! And as usual, he was very reluctant to leave when the time had come. As they're getting into the car, I heard him ask his mother, "Why can't we stay here till the holidays get over?"

And we're breathing easy that yet another 'whirlwind' tour of young Sanath had gone off without major hitches!

The guests continued to trickle as was scheduled quite a while back.


Sadly, we happened to be among the 28% of the voters of this constituency, who did not cast their franchise today. Some glitch about the change in our residential address. Feeling bad!


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