Wednesday, January 13, 2016

At the Foundation.

The train was 15' behind time and I'd got up by 3 thanks to the alarm which was set. It was quite earlier than what was required and had to while away time by alternately peeping out of the door at the stations that whizzed past or by simply standing vacantly, glancing at the watch time and again. Omanakuttan was given a shake up appropriately so that he could be at the station on time.

I'd woken up my fellow passengers as we got closer to the station. And soon we'd reached Thiruvananthapuram and Omanakuttan got me at my Maman's place before 0430h. I'd ducked off to sleep all over again but was ready at my usual time and we're at the Foundation by a half past 9. Vignesh, the gentleman from Delhi assisting us with the fine tuning of our e-literacy efforts, is currently staying at my Maman's place and his suggestions for improvement were the important inputs for the day as we sped towards the office.

The day was spent in monitoring the activities thus far, keeping a track of the 200 odd delegates attending the workshop along with the other normal work. Actually, it amounted to nothing insofar as I was concerned as there were enough people assigned to do the jobs! So, if one were to ask me as to whether I was really occupied, my answer would be a simple, straight forward 'no'!

Yet at the end of the day, paradoxically, I was tired. In between, my classmates out here had invited me for a quick get together but I'd to decline the tempting offer as my presence at the Foundation was a necessity, as it did pep up Maman and the rest of the team!

It was a fairly early evening after a lovely dinner at one of the restaurants courtesy, Vignesh. Damn sweet of him!


Hope everything goes like clockwork tomorrow. 

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