Wednesday, January 6, 2016

With the toothy.

It's a normal day to begin with. Maman and I had set off from home by a trifle after 9. The morning session at the Foundation saw us meeting visitors, discussing and putting down the action plan for the forthcoming meet of the panchayat officials under the aegis of the concerned minister and his bureaucrats on the 14th. Siva Priya, the lone lady engineer, was a great help in contacting each of the 100 panchayats to confirm the participation of the officials.

This morning's newspapers had carried the details about a certificate course that's gonna commence shortly enabling the participants in acquiring 'green jobs' on completion. The queries regarding the course, its contents and the job opportunities were the thrust of the numerous phone calls - that kept us busy - all through the day.

Lunch was bought from the nearby canteen and Valsala, who looks after the logistics, ensured that we ate well and in the process, I ended up eating myself silly! And no, I ain't blaming her for my laxity.

I'd an appointment with my sister and toothy after 5 and had reported to her clinic after meeting up with Baby chechi, her mom and Aadya, her daughter at their house within the same compound. Then, we'd a fairly long chat about everything under the sun - sort of - before she got active with her drill. The cleaning was completed within no time and this time she seemed to be have no adverse comments about my dental hygiene, compared to last time which was almost a year ago.

I'd returned to the Foundation and Maman, too, had returned from an errand and soon after. we secured from the office, comparatively earlier than the two previous evenings!


Lekha'd called up around lunch time to say that Indu, her nephew's wife, had been admitted in the hospital because she'd complained of labour pains. The family is keeping its fingers crossed, hoping like mad that she gives birth today as it happens to be the Malayalam star of your's truly! Really crazy, I must say!!     

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