Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It's not out of devotion or piety!

It's plain fear of a mighty being - the omnipresent - perceived to be capable of handing over a swift retribution to any human being that commits an error! In other words, it's self preservation!! 

My kid sister, Minni, at Bangalore is one who visits temples and places of worship if and when she gets an opportunity. She's arriving at Guruvayur in the wee hours of 10 Feb, along with her friend, for accomplishing two things:-

     (a) Dedicate the Krishnanaattom dance of the day - will begin at 2230h and end somewhere
           soon after the clock strikes the midnight hour. The story that's being played that night is
           the 'Baana yuddham'. The dedication is for her daughter to acquire a good job(She already has
           because Ammu is currently training to be a deputy manager for the ICICI Bank) and a
           good boy as her husband! Her friend is also dedicating the dance in the name of her
     (b) Visit the 'Thirumaandhaamkunnu Devi' temple to wind up the third and last pooja done
           annually so that her daughter gets a good guy as her husband. The offering is actually for
           the powerful 'Ganesha' who dwells in the Devi's premises and the temple is about 50 kms
           from here.

She has, therefore, been ringing me up over the past few days to ascertain as to whether I'd done the bookings for the Krishnanaattom. This morning I'd decided to finish that pending job and found myself in the not so long queue at the counter no.1 for the purpose. There were two queues, one each for the men and the women - converging onto the same window. The guy sitting at the counter punches the information that's given into a desktop and in the end, gives a printout on receiving payment, which has all the details. And standing in the queue, just couldn't help observing my immediate colleagues.......

The first was the 70 year old, Prasad who was born on the 'Chothi' star of the Malayalam calendar.
His offerings - all for his and his daughter's(Mallika of Aayilyam star) well being - were:-
      (a) Lighting of ghee lamps for the next 30 days, beginning tomorrow.
      (b) Offering of the 'thrimadhuram' - a triple whammy of sugar, jaggery and plantains.
      (c) Offering of a bag of rice for the community kitchen.

The second was the tall, 67 year old Kalyani of the 'Atham' star - she did give me a complex with her height. You see, I hate being looked down upon by the fairer sex! - who'd a long list of offerings, so much so, that I lost count on the number! But rest assured, the list consisted of at least seven to eight serials and mind you, they're all meant for her own well being! The paradox was that she was previously cribbing about a lady, who'd belted out a similarly long list as part of her offerings, for taking up so much of time at the counter!

What amazes me is that individuals pray for their own definite requirements when one has been brought up in the school of thought that one should pray for the well being of the others - one's close ones, naturally and that God, always looked after you and your needs without you asking for them, ever.

When my turn came, I'd quickly rattled out the data by hearted by me by now, paid Rs.4 grand before leaving the queue, a much relieved man.


On 10 Feb, we'll be assembling at the northern entrance of the sanctum sanctorum at 2230h to take in the story of the 'Baana yudham' through the medium of Krishnanaattom. And here's wishing that Greeshma, Uthram and Shamily, Punartham find good jobs and good husbands!


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