Monday, January 4, 2016

Paravoor and back.

The day had begun at 6 for me. After the morning chores, my Maman and I'd left for the Foundation by 9. There was a flurry of activity at the office and I took the opportunity to befriend the newcomers among the staff. There's a great amount of excitement in the progress of the e-literacy movement thus far but much more needs to be done to complete the first phase and begin the spadework for the second phase!

A rep of the central government arrived around 2300h to review the conduct of the project, which he begins from tomorrow. This is basically to ensure that we've done our job correctly and we thought that the best way was to have our work audited by an outside agency!

Earlier, we'd left for Paravoor, about 60 kms from here, soon after lunch. The road was comparatively less dense with traffic and we could reach our destination about an hour and a half  later. The new lady accountant-cum-computer programmer and the driver were explained their charter of duties and their place within the office complex. And as I'd said yesterday, I'd to give a 'moral lecture' to my deputy, emphasising the need to work in a sustained manner to achieve the targets of the organisation. He tends to pass on the buck to his subordinates and gets busy in two pet projects of his viz. a resort by the watershed, nearby and a private bank. I'd to tell him very categorically that if he felt that he didn't have the time for our organisation, he should gracefully depart so that someone else could be handed over the responsibility!

I think it did sober him because I'd made it clear that I expected everyone who collected his pay to work sincerely for the organisation! We're gonna have more activities/inspections over the next three days but I don't intend to put impediments in his style of functioning after having given him the concepts and the way ahead. It's his imagination and efforts that would play a crucial role in delivering the results.

We, then, went to my late ma'asi, Leela kunjamma's house just to be with Kurup kochachhan for a while. The house looked forlorn and quiet despite the presence of my kochachhan and his male nurse, Vijayan Kurup, who takes good care of him. Kochachhan was excited seeing us and yes, he was surprised because we hadn't given any prior announcement! Paid homage at my ma'asi's cremation site before leaving.


A few steps in the right direction, I presume. The results will be there for everyone to see pretty soon!

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