Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The return to Thiruvananthapuram.

I'd taken on an out-of-the-way-task for myself today. Actually, Jaison, an ex-Headmaster of the Sainik School, and a very nice youngster had asked me to facilitate his friend and a school mate of mine, Suresh Kumar and his family to have a special 'darshan' at the Guruvayur temple. The latter is currently posted at Delhi and was on a short leave and visiting the temple was one of his annual rituals.

Cosying up to the temple authorities for personal favours is something that I detest and studiously avoid. In fact, I join the normal queue for my trysts with the Lord! Anyways, a request was made and I made sure that Suresh and his family were escorted into the sanctum sanctorum. The Administrator who'd granted us the largesse was surprised that I was not availing of the opportunity and queried me about it but I gave him a smile instead and walked away!

Kannan, at the drycleaners has an elephantine memory. I'd collected two sets of clothes from the shop yesterday and on reaching home, realised that a 'T' shirt that wasn't mine had been given to me. The horror was that I couldn't place exactly as to what my missing item was. But Kannan surprised me by his opening statement, "Sir, it's your inner that has been substituted" and promptly gave me the piece!

The evening walk was nice with me picking up essentials that would cater to mom and Lekha's needs during my two day absence.

Anto had come on the dot but met with a traffic snarl - courtesy the last batch of the Sabarimala pilgrims - just short of the railway station. Consequently, it was his deft maneuvers, through the side roads, that fetched me up at the station in time and have already told him about picking me up on my return on the 14th night.

I'd three interesting co-passengers who're overawed by the fact that I was an ex-NDA! Actually, a piece of conversation had brought me to the Academy and I got into the limelight much to my discomfort and without hankering for it!!


Tomorrow's gonna be a long day after I get down at Thiruvananthapuram in the early morning at a half past 3!   

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