Friday, January 15, 2016

Guests from Thiruvananthapuram.

I'd fetched up 45' late, at 0015h, at the Guruvayur Railway Station. Though I'd, earlier in the course of my journey, instructed Anto to be there to pick me up, better sense had prevailed and I hired one of the auto rickshaws available at the entrance. Surprisingly, I didn't see any reluctance on their part to take in the passengers! By a quarter to 1, much after I'd reached home, I hit the sack and sleep was almost instantaneous!!

Though I'd got up when the alarm had gone off, the usual enthusiasm to go for the walk was lacking and hence, decided against it. Eventually, I was up half an hour later to get things ready as my classmate, Suresh Laxman, his wife, Sindhu and their daughter, Gopika, who's on a break from Frankfurt where she works, were coming home on a day's visit. They'd, eventually, fetched up by lunchtime.

It's, therefore, a crowded dining table and the young lady kept us enthralled with her stories. One of the stories that she told us did tickle me no end, I must add. The German ladies come for work to the office on the dot and when they went for the breakfast break - yes, from 9 to 10! - they would furiously get down to knitting!! And I thought that it was a unique phenomenon among the Indian ladies who go to work in the government offices, especially at Delhi!!! .........So, people are the same anywhere on the globe insofar as practices go.

The three of them had gone to the temple around 4 and during their absence, I'd gone for my walk and run errands for the house. They'd returned by a half past 7 and then onward, it was catch up time which had gone on and on. Mom was an active member among the crowd and she kept insisting that Suresh had better dye his salt and pepper moustache during his next visit!


We're meeting up exactly a month after leaving the Waterscapes at Kumarakom.

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