Thursday, January 7, 2016

Out of a tricky situation.

We'd set off from the house by 9 and headed straight to Madhavettan at Vattiyoorkavu - Maman's classmate from school - where his mom's fifth day after death ceremony was being conducted. The last I'd seen him was at my house in Nanakpura, New Delhi in Jun '95. He'd walked off in a huff due to a misunderstanding! It was nice to meet him after a long lapse and I heard him tell Maman that he'd done it right to get me along. His mother was 93 yrs of age and was ailing for a while, when the end had come.

I could also meet his other classmates and it was fun to hear their conversation which brought about lovely glimpses of the past! We're at the office by a trifle past 10 and the queries regarding the 'green jobs course' continued - the calls were routed to me to answer them suitably. The seventh call was a baritone and the caller had asked me a couple of questions before revealing his identity - it was Warrier sir, popularly known as the 'career guru', who gives a well researched coverage on career options for potential job seekers through the media. After his write up about the certificate course on green jobs, he'd advised Maman to put a reliable and informed person on the telephone to attend to all queries. A suitable member was accordingly deputed but towards the closing hours of yesterday, I found that I could do it as I wasn't that busy and had substituted the much harried young lady!

By 12, we're off to Chathannoor. After lunch, we'd hired a JCB and a pick up truck to shift the machinery connected with the manufacture of hollow bricks to a nearby shop for servicing, when a few guys came and blocked us from doing so. Some of them were drunk and it was evident that they're under a misunderstanding that we're planning to shift the unit elsewhere. No amount of our explanation could retrieve the situation and we'd to beat a retreat. The JCB and the pick up truck were sent back with a token payment because they'd been hired.

A little earlier, Omanakuttan and two others of our group who'd accompanied us from Thiruvananthapuram had loaded a soap making machine into our Quawalis which went unnoticed by the rampaging guys. It's being taken for servicing at our site in Thiruvananthapuram to be reinstalled next week. Had the dissenters noticed it, there could have been problems. We've decided to put in a requisition for a couple of police pickets to enable us to activate the unit by the end of this month.

It was a half past 8 by the time we'd returned to the city and by the time things were secured and we'd reached home, it was 10.

Tomorrow's gonna be an early day as I return to Guruvayoor!


Had called on Vilasini kunjamma and wasn't she thrilled? The flashes of consciousness through her Alzheimer's were priceless moments!

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