Saturday, January 2, 2016

The conspirators have done it again.

It's with the same regularity that has been in view, every time a peace overture is made by India a terrorist attack takes place spoiling the atmospherics and setting back the enthusiasm, with the hawks saying, "See, we told you so". The attack on the IAF's forward air base at Pathankot has set the clock back again after PM Modi's impromptu stopover at Lahore, raising expectations of a new thrust at friendly relations between the adversaries.

So, who's against the idea of India and Pakistan being friendly because this could be the brainwave from such a quarter? The following could be the list of suspects:-

      (a) The terrorist outfits that thrive on fear and confusion.
      (b) The Pakistani military establishment
      (c) The hawks on either side of the LoC who do not want peaceful coexistence between the
            two countries.
      (d) The quarters that do not want Modi to succeed in any way and its supporters on the other
            side of the divide.
      (e) The ones that hate to see India progressing on all fronts and not to miss
      (f)  The ISI.

The aim of the terrorists seems to be loud and clear - to destroy fighter jets and attack helicopters. But the grit, determination and patriotism of the Indian soldier were again on display when they took on their adversaries, unmindful of their own personal safety! Three commandos made the supreme sacrifice while six others have been seriously injured.

RIP Gurusewak Singh, Fateh Singh and Kulwant Singh. India salutes your valour and offers tears and prayers. Here's every Indian wishing that god gives the strength to your near and dear ones to tide over these difficult times.


I wonder as to what thrill the sacked Airman KK Ranjith - the sad fact is that he's a mallu! - got when he heard of the news. Yes, of course, only if he's guilty of having passed on vital information to the honey trap that was laid for him!    

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