Friday, January 1, 2016

The star has been tucked away.

The new year has started in right earnest. The star - along with its accessories - that was slung at the corner of the balcony all through the previous fortnight was removed and safely tucked away, for use, during the next season. Connected up with people for wishing the new year and the day continued with the receipt and replying of smses, What'sApp messages and phone calls.

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To my mind, this new year will be remembered for the Rs.50/- hike on LPG cylinders and it's gonna have a cascading effect on prices. It's left me wondering about the following:-

      (a) Why should the price of a commodity rise when the subsidy on it is removed?
      (b) Is there something called 'timing' on enactment of an action on the part of the government?
            And was the price hike the handiwork of an unimaginative bureaucrat or a scheming one to let
            down the government? If the latter was the case, why wasn't the concerned minister applying
            his mind?

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The government has finally got its act right by appointing Shyam Benegal to revamp the Central Board of Film Censors and by assigning Pehlaj Nihalani a diminished role. Hope creativity makes headway without unnecessary impediments.

And it's hoped that the Film Institute imbroglio will also be sorted out amicably without egos coming in the way.

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Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has got a shot in the arm with the recent Sonia Gandhi visit and her call to the party that factionalism was to be shunned and that it should prepare to fight the forthcoming Assembly elections, without infighting, under his leadership. This was achieved by the advice given to her by the UDF's constituents who'd met her during the visit. Consequently, Oommen Chandy, Ramesh Chennithala and Sudheeran gave a joint press conference to reiterate their new found bonhomie!

Just goes to show that all the charges of corruption directed at the chief minister, thus far, do not have authenticity.

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The Kochi Metro is gonna do its trial run next month on the Kalamasserry-Aluva stretch. Well, it's yet another feather on the chief minister's cap in that he'd steered the project through grave problems and stalling tactics by a few of the stake holders.

Almost simultaneously, the CPM has declared that it will not annul the Vizhinjam Seaport agreement with Adani as it believes that such an action can only be regressive and against the interests of the state. There was an apprehension on this score, among the general public, as the party had stayed away from the inaugural ceremony of the project. It's the chief minister's tireless efforts that had brought about the project's take off despite stiff opposition from the vested interests and he must be having the last laugh!


New Delhi has begun its action to reduce atmospheric pollution by introducing the odd-numbered-vehicles-for- odd-days and even-numbered-vehicles-for-even-days from today. But this cannot be the only remedial measure, perhaps it's a step to steel the people for more drastic measures in the future.....only then, can there be some hope for the better.

And yes, I join the others with the question as to why exempt VIPs, women driven vehicles and two wheelers from this rule? It just doesn't make sense because they also pollute!

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