Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The solar scam is hogging the headlines all over again!

Close on the heels of Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy's deposition before the Solar Commission, it was the turn of Saritha Nair to say her piece after repeated dodges, in the recent past, incurring the wrath of the Commission. Her revelations have stunned the people of the state and her main accusations have been that:-

      (a) She'd given a bribe of Rs.1.90 crores to the chief minister through his close friend.
      (b) She'd unlimited access to him through a sort of 'hotline' and
      (c) She'd bribed the Power Minister by paying him Rs.40 lakhs, in two instalments.

This is an absolutely new revelation, as I understand, from the news that I've read/heard about the scam thus far. Anyways, the final conclusion would be that of the Commission which is due to submit its findings within the next couple of months and I ain't crystal ball gazing about the outcome because it would be pompous as well as being premature on my part!

But what brings me to open up on the subject are the following queries that are playing in my mind:-

   (a) Oommen Chandy took a great risk by appointing the Commission and agreeing to depose before
         it, thereby, becoming the first sitting chief minister to do so.
   (b) Allegations were bound to fly, thick and fast, that could make him vulnerable and distract him
         from his official duties. Can't believe that he and his men didn't anticipate this!
   (c) Or is it that he's quite clear in his conscience that he's done nothing wrong despite circumstantial
         evidence being piled on by the accused?
   (d) Because till the final conclusion of the Commission, giving him a clean chit, he'll be viewed
         by his people as a man who has done something, not by the books! It requires tremendous will
         power to face the public who's viewing him through coloured eyes and for a political leader
         like him, known to be clean and a good administrator!!

No wonder, then, that political leaders of the yesteryears tendered their resignations immediately when an irregularity was pointed out!

The opposition has already been crying for his resignation but since most of them are busy being part of all Kerala marches - from Kasaragod to Thiruvananthapuram(Basically, a show of strength and the flexing of muscles prior to the forthcoming Assembly elections) - we've been spared of their vicious bytes on the media.


Sad! What a rough time for a chief minister who'd worked towards the betterment of the state through his mass contact programmes with the people, following a punishing work schedule which notched up achievements that seemed impossible to attain, because of the unhelpful stand taken by the opposition viz.:-

        (a) The Smart City project at Kochi
        (b) The Kochi Metro, with the dynamic Mr. E Sreedharan as its head and
        (c) The Vizhinjam International Seaport, to name just a few.

Why have certain wings of the opposition like the DYFI and the Yuva Morcha taken to the streets, creating a ruckus and provoking the police? Does the opposition believe that by doing so, they can send Oommen Chandy packing, thoroughly disgraced? Why don't they give time for the investigations to reach its logical end? If he's guilty he'll, anyways, be shown the door and face repercussions at the hustings.

Makes one believe that there's a conspiracy hatched to oust him by the combined group of disgruntled politicians ejected out of his ministry earlier and the liquor lobby that he's been mentioning of late!


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