Saturday, December 29, 2018

A dull day with the sun away!

Lekha was up and awake before me as the alarm went off. I had got up and gone about my morning schedule. We went through our chores and were ready on time.

It began raining in the morning and there was no sign of the sun today, the sky was overcast but rain was in spurts and they were more of a drizzle. It was pouring down south and Sanil and Mini had postponed their return trip to Coimbatore by a day; they'll set off early morning tomorrow. Even Rema and family will return tomorrow from Pidavoor as Padmakumar and Achu have to be in their respective offices on the last working day of the year.

The grass cutting of the area around the Raj Nivas will have to be postponed as the rains were fairly widespread and heavy today. Wonder why the caretaker is in a tearing hurry to get it done? Rema will be making a trip out there and give me an assessment. Twenty two mandays @ Rs.700/- have been quoted for the job.

The first four days of next week are gonna be hectic with people renovating the kitchen. Hope the dislocation is manageable and not too hard on Lekha and her assistant!


The evening was spent in front of the television set. I find the programmes absolutely boring and not up to the mark!

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