Sunday, December 2, 2018

A real quiet Sunday!

The day began on a quiet note and the maid was gonna be absent as she was attending a wedding. Lekha and I went about our chores, as usual.

Ramesh, the gardener, did not fetch up as promised, wonder why? That job is pending.

Spoke to Ramachandrettan, Padmakumar's older brother, whose gall bladder was removed through a key hole surgery at the Sunrise Hospital at Kaakkanad, Kochi. He'll be discharged tomorrow.

Prabal, Vidya's dad and Jojy had rung up to know my progress. Spoke to all of them as my voice has got better, though it still needs to improve.

Vijayan, the caretaker, had called up to say that the built up stone embankment of the Raj Nivas, at the northern boundary had worked out loose and required mending. I've asked him to give me an estimate so that the work could be initiated at the earliest.


Retired Supreme Court Justice Kurien Joseph's revelations are shocking but he has come out squeaky clean out of the press meet that he, Justices Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lokur and Chelameshwar had conducted and spoken against the then Chief justice of India, Mr. Dipak Misra. He says that they felt that there was outside interference and that cases were designated to select judges. The 'pressor' was Chelameshwar's idea, according to him.

In other words, a revolt at the highest echelons of the judiciary! Sad!! 


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