Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Dad's 6th Remembrance day.

It was a 'powerless' night because of the power interruption, last night, during the one-hour deluge. My only fear was that there was adequate water in the overhead tank to tide over the morning chores by the seven of us. Thankfully, there was adequate water and we were ready for the morning ceremony.

It was dad's sixth remembrance day as per the Malayalam calendar.

Rema had prepared the rice and Mini and I joined her in executing the ceremony. Our offering was placed at a prominent place in the courtyard and though a solitary crow had visited the area, it didn't swoop in for the meal, wonder why? Later many birds came and partook the 'meal on offer'. Was dad's soul unhappy over something which resulted in the 'no-show' of the crows?

Sanil and Mini had a quick breakfast and were off to Ponni's place, at Kollam, where they'd be for the next couple of days. With Jayan's passing away, they have been frequent visitors out there to help the bereaved family get over the melancholy, which is a damn good thing.

We had a sumptuous breakfast of 'appam and egg curry' and Lekha had ensured that everyone kept asking for more! It was yakkitiyak, consequent to it. Achu's transfer to Perundurai was a dampener but I'm sure the change would be for something better. Padmakumar and Rema would, however, feel the pinch as their movement by car would be severely restricted and will miss their son's company on a daily basis that they'd enjoyed for the last couple of years.

Achu's work culture, his pleasant manners, promptness in finishing the tasks assigned to him, submission of futuristic projects, his technical bent of mind and managerial skills seem to have endeared himself to his superiors and from what one can observe, he has a bright future in the organisation. The most important thing is that he's enjoying his work!

Meanwhile, we received a call from Mini saying that they'd reached Ponni's place at 1400 hrs!

Padmakumar, Rema and Achu, after lunch, left around a quarter past 2 for Palakkad. They had to visit two families before fetching up at their place, which they eventually did around 2000 hrs.

For Lekha and me, it was a quiet evening with us watching two Mammootty movies, 'Masterpiece' and 'Abrahaminte Santhathikal' surfing through two channels as they were being broadcast, almost, simultaneously.


I wish that the Karnataka High Court takes a suo moto case on the chief minister, HD Kumaraswamy's telephonic conversation instructing his party worker to kill their political opponent - accused in his party worker's murder - mercilessly! 

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