Monday, December 24, 2018

An interesting day.

Since last evening was late, we'd decided to get up late this morning. Though I was up at my usual time, gone about lighting the lamp and opened up the house, Lekha was woken up a trifle before a half past 6. We went about our chores, had the morning cuppa together and then, had our bath and were back for breakfast.

Tomorrow is dad's remembrance day as per the Malayalam calendar and that's why I'd called up Rema asking her to come over for carrying out the 'bali tharpanam'. It was, thus, decided that she and her family would also come by in the evening after Padmakumar and Achu returned from their work. So, that would not require me to venture out of the house in my present physical condition.

Mini and Sanil had left soon after to the Mammiyoor Siva kshethram and I'd entrusted them with the task of sending fifty Guruvayur Devaswom diaries to the Foundation, by VPP, as required by Maman. However, it was not to be as one has to pay the amount in advance and I decided to do it at a later date.

Meanwhile, my last e-mail to the concerned authorities was taking effect. Ms. Jayanthi, the Deputy Manager of the SBI's Central Pension Payment Cell at Thiruvananthapuram had called up to say that she was sending the duplicate of the official letter sent earlier to the PCDA(O), Allahabad on 06 Jul '18 forthwith and that my personal copy was being endorsed today. I only hope that mom's lifetime arrears fructify at the earliest so that I can begin some work related to the house.

Sanil, Mini, Lekha and me, then. worked out the details of the extension of the Raj Nivas - after demolishing the barn - so that all the three families could stay together once Padmakumar and Sanil finished their professional commitments, the former next year and the latter, two years later!   

Lunch was a boisterous affair and Lekha was soon busy with her efforts at baking a cake in her new microwave oven! It was then that the three of them decided to go for a movie - 'Njaan Prakasan'! After their and the maid's departure - she's not gonna be there tomorrow as she and her family are off to Thalasserry for a day - I'd retired for my siesta.

Spoke to Sanjay Nirmal, my friend from the good 'ole Chilka days, who's currently at the DESA. His wife, Saritha, had passed away, last month, owing to the dreaded was her breast that was affected and she was languishing for the past few years. Her end was at her home in Ghaziabad as the family didn't want her to be admitted into a palliative care....her last few days were extremely painful, he narrated. I remember the gregarious young lady who used to be fond of us and used to be a frequent visitor at our house in Katari Bagh, Kochi. Rest in peace young lady, we can never forget you as you've given us so much to remember!

The 'film' party had fetched up by a half past 5 and we'd a late tea, consequently.

It began to pour after about a quarter past 9. The result - there was a power breakdown. Only hope that it is restored by early morning. Water could finish and there are seven of us today.

Rema, Padmakumar and Achu had fetched up by about a half past 9 and it was a boisterous evening which ended up being late!


A truly interesting day with only Mithun and Ammu - of the family - missing from the gaiety.  

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