Sunday, December 30, 2018

Adieu Bhaskar Sen sir!

Just short of lunch time, got the sad news from a course mate of mine saying that Commodore Bhaskar Sen had passed into the mist of time. He was a thorough gentleman and a lovable guy. I've always seen him cheerful with a smile on his handsome face. He was the Flag Lieutenant to Admiral Ronnie Pereira and they shared a unique bond. Mrs. Phyllis Pereira, too, adored him; he used to address her as 'mummy'!

There's story that highlights this relationship of theirs. Bhaskar Sen was posted in command of an Offshore Patrol Vessel and was unable to get an admission for his daughter in a prestigious convent, near Regal Cinema. Admiral Ronnie Pereira had, around that time, reached the Naval hospital Asvini for his medical review and he happened to hear about Bhaskar Sen's daughter's story. Armed with her resume, he went and met the school's Principal seeking admission for the little girl. Their conversation went something like this,

  "Admiral, you got to be joking. Our admission had closed in June".
  " Ma'am, I'm a cancer patient and I may not come to you again". 

The Principal was so moved that she gave the child the admission!

The Indian Navy shall always remember Bhaskar Sen for his touching memoirs on Ronnie Pereira, which was one among the best of 100 articles, selected by the Readers Digest during its centenary celebrations.

He has settled in the suburbs of Calcutta and was suffering from cancer for the last 10 years. He leaves behind his wife, Jhumi, son, Lt(IN) Krishnu Sen and daughter, Kasturi who, incidentally, is married to Cdr Dey.

RIP sir! My salute, prayers and tears. Here's me wishing that God gives the strength to your family and the near and dear ones to have the strength to bear this irreparable loss.

They don't make them gentlemen like you any more, sir!


1. We'd got up on the dot and gone through our chores. We were discussing trivia, I'd not yet had my bath when the door bell had rung. It was David and Grace, who were Sanil and Mini's friends. They'd come to invite us to their son's engagement(07 Jan '19) and his wedding on the 13th of Jan. Sanil and Mini will be arriving here to attend the function.

They're on their Sunday church going trip and had made a detour to do us the honour.

2. Lekha's back pain is worrying me. Gave her a hot water sponging to ease it down, prior to her bath, in the evening.

3. The second consignment of spares for the kitchen overhaul came in by teatime.

4. While Sanil and Mini had reached Coimbatore by 1700 hrs, Padmakumar, Rema and Achu had reached Palakkad by 2000 hrs.

5. Vishy had called up and we'd a long chat! His son, after having completed his Masters at the John Hopkins University, is sticking on in the US for a professional break.

Happened to see the programme, '25 years of togetherness of Amma and Asianet television channel' - spread over two days viz. 29 and 30 Dec. The lionising of Mohanlal continues unabated. He was on the stage almost continuously, that it was getting to be a bore. Why weren't the younger crop of stars seen more on stage, instead? One doesn't mind seeing him in an odd skit or a collage of the song and dance sequences of a few of his movies but of late, he has also taken to singing!

The audience, for the programme, had bought tickets to watch the entertainment bonanza put up by their dear stars and from that point of view would have loved to hear their favourite playback singers giving them a variety of numbers of their choice. Instead, the experience was otherwise. Why should they be burdened with the limited and not-so-melodious-rendition of songs by Mohanlal? 

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