Monday, December 3, 2018

The beginning of yet another week.

Had got up at the usual time, gone through our chores and were ready well in time. We'd porridge for breakfast.

Kunjumon of the Amigos brought Sanoop, a lad-in-his-teens-from-Wayanad, to give me a haircut and massage. The growth was almost two month long and the long hair was beginning to get me irritated. Kunjumon, also took the opportunity to invite us for his son's wedding on the 23rd of this month.

Sanoop went about his task in a systematic manner and gave me a damn good massage towards the end. His pleasant manners endeared him to me.

My voice has slowly acquired its original tone and therefore, I was able to speak to many and I felt - and I suppose, they too - felt nice.

Tied up with the Rajah Hospital lab for the drawal of samples of blood, etc tomorrow morning at 0700 hrs. Similarly, Lekha had also tied up George and his cab for the journey to her doctor, Padmanabha Shenoy on 07 Dec, for the medical review. Rema would reach here on the 6th to accompany her.

Gireesh, the Tata Sky franchisee descended upon us in the evening and had the complaints noted officially with his higher ups. Now the ball is in their court and an early resolution would be in their interest.

Vijayan, the caretaker, was transferred the amount for the work and asked to send me shots of the damage via What'sApp - along with the photos of the finished work.   

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