Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Lekha's Medical Review.

It was Lekha's medical review today. Both, she and Rema had got up earlier than normal, gone about their chores and were ready by a half past 6, when George reached our gate. They'd taken off without much ado and were at Shenoy Care at Kochi, after breakfast enroute by about a quarter past 9.

My mail ha been perused by the doctor and he did go through each of my observations. The urine test results were set aside and the field trials of Lekha's eyes will have to be conducted at the Giridhar Eye Hospital at Kochi before meeting him again on 07 Feb '19.

Meanwhile, Ramesh had come by and done his work on the grassy patch on the courtyard. He has shown me a cheap compost making system from the wet waste produced by the house. The system is compact and available @ Rs.2,200/-

Lekha and Rema were back from their outing by a half past 3. After tea, they'd a quick wash, change and were off to the Guruvayur temple for a 'darshan' of the good Lord. Returned after a 'good' darshan of the good Lord around 1900 hrs.

Then it was conversation, watching the television and dinner at our usual time of 2100 hrs. Lekha and Rema were exhausted after their day long outdoors!

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