Thursday, December 6, 2018

My birthday as per the Malayalam Calendar!

It was my birthday as per the Malayalam calendar. Calls from relatives came pouring in right from the morning.

Lekha and Rema had got up yet again by about 0500 hrs, gone through their chores. I was given my gifts by Rema and Lekha. The both of them were off to the Mammiyoor Siva Kshetram by a half past 7. Meanwhile, I'd gone through my chores, browsed through the newspapers and they returned before 0900 hrs. It was a sumptuous breakfast.

Preetha had come by soon after and she'd brought in the birthday cake. The cake cutting ceremony was gone through with the three of them giving it a photographic coverage! Even Preetha had brought me a box of toffees - damn sweet of her.

The lunch was equally a nice affair with the traditional 'paayasam' with bananas. It was a very nice and enjoyable sequence of celebrations! Rema had left soon after and she was able to board the RTC's bus to Palakkad @ 1330 hrs!

Meanwhile, the Tata Sky had restored our SET transmissions and had called up to seek my 'all correct report'. I must have surprised him when I said that my complaint should be maintained till their higher up called me up personally, explained to me the reasons as to why this failure has taken place frequently in our case and of course, an apology for the faux pas.


Rema gave us a call around 1630 hrs to say that she'd reached Palakkad and Achu was driving her home! Her presence over the last two days was of a great help. Thank you, my dear sister!!  

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