Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A few thoughts that come by.

I'm going by the news that are much discussed as of now and hence, this is again gonna be an analysis:-

 1. Has Akhilesh lost out in the beginning itself?

     The UP election field has now cleared out with three major outfits against each other viz. the
     Samajwadi party-Congress alliance vs the BSP vs. the BJP. Akhilesh has put his father out of
     the reckoning by wresting the party chief's post and the election commission has endorsed him
     by giving him the cycle as his election symbol.

     In this country, till not very long ago, children who fought with their parents were unacceptable.
     Has the electorate, especially the vote bank of the Samajwadi party, taken the dumping of 
     Mulayam Singh kindly? Akhilesh seems to be banking on his governance, but frankly what are
     his achievements? He had played the status quo game whenever there was a requirement of a
     firm decision and didn't take advantage of the youthful outlook that should have come naturally
     to him. Therefore, his performance in the elections is gonna be a big question mark! Or has
     disrespecting one's parents become one-of-those-normal things these days?  

  2. Shah Rukh Khan's train jamboree.

      Shah Rukh Khan and the 'Raees' team had travelled in the August Kranti Express from Bombay
      to Delhi to promote his new film. All along, especially at important stations enroute where the
      train had stoppages, there were unprecedented crowds who wanted to have a glimpse of the actor
      resulting in stampedes, the consequent lathi charge by the police to prevent the people from
      getting closer to the running train resulting in the unfortunate death of an individual at the
      Vadodhara station.

      Was it required at all? Since when has the promotion of a film been thrust on a public utility
      service like the railways? If we accept this as the latest trend, then:-

           (a) Why didn't the railways and the organisers anticipate the crowds? It doesn't require
                 rocket science to understand that film stars hunger for crowds.
           (b) Why weren't the railway protection force deployed in adequate numbers to tackle
                 unprecedented situations?
           (c) Raees is being targeted for a pan India release later this week. So why should Shah
                 Rukh Khan restrict his promotion only on the Bombay-Delhi route? Was he banking on
                 the media coverage of the tamasha to work as the promos in the other parts of the 

  3. The snowballing women agitations against US President Trump.

       I have been baffled with this phenomenon. I mean, what are the unprecedented crowds
       agitating for? Don't they want him as their President because of his earlier statements made
       against women and thereby, his obnoxious behaviour? But why don't they realise that he has
       been elected by a majority who sees in him an able leader who'd look after their interests
       notwithstanding the popular votes that he'd polled less. Perhaps, he's a changed man and so,
       give him a chance!

       It would be better on your part to allow the President to carry out the tasks that are to be 
       done. You can take him to task if he doesn't fulfill the promises that he'd given during the
       elections. If you don't let him rule, you're going against the many who'd voted for him! And
       anyways, you can change him after four years if you still don't like him!!  


Four more days to go for Ammu's betrothal ceremony. Things are slowly getting tied up as additional guests have announced their arrival.


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