Saturday, January 28, 2017

The audience start filling up the gallery.

Sreejith, his wife, Sruthi and their one year old son had knocked on our doorbell by a quarter past 6. Earlier, I'd given the directions to the auto rickshaw driver as to how they could get here. The three of them had a bad bout of cold and li'l Sreeyansh was consequently, cranky.By 8, Sanil and me were off to the Thrissur railway station to pick up Ramadasan kochachhan and Sarojini chittamma who were arriving by the Mangala express, from Nasik.

The train was half an hour behind schedule but weren't they glad to see us? The return drive was comfortable as the Saturday traffic was yet to pick up. We chatted on till lunchtime and around 1430 hrs had shifted into the hotel to standby to receive the guests. Ramadasan kochachhan and his family were the first to be given the room as per the reservation.

Trains were running late and hence the arrival schedules of the guests were also affected. But by suppertime, about fifty percent of the expected lot had arrived - the room keys were handed over and dinner provided. The idea was to not keep anyone waiting for want of my personal attention.

Midhun, the boy, had arrived by teatime and his folks - consisting of 22 - had fetched up in a tempo traveller by sunset. The sequence was to hand over the room keys, give them adequate time for a wash and change, then off to a quick temple 'darshan' so as to be in time for dinner! It worked out perfectly and therefore, the cooks and the serving boys were not harried in any which way.

I'd established my 'control room' in Room 101, at the ground floor, so that anyone could get in touch with me in case any assistance was required or to meet any contingencies. My cousin, Gopu and Sanil were with me throughout at this 'station'. My sisters, Padmakumar and Achu were sent back to 'The Quarterdeck' along with Lekha and the girls after around 2230 hrs.


Sanil's folks from Ayoor and some more of my folks from Thiruvananthapuram came in shortly after midnight. Two of my aunts had also joined us for the interaction.  

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