Thursday, January 19, 2017

The resurvey.

Was up with lark, lit the lamp at the puja room, opened up the house when the caretaker had brought the morning cuppa. The instrumental of the 'Gayatri Mantra' was playing in the background and it was soothing. I'd then gone to the spot where my parents were resting and briefed them about my trip. I was ready soon after and was on time for the delicious breakfast of 'puttum kadalayum' and bananas, that were from Guruvayur, making the combination complete!

As per the caretaker's advice, I'd gone across to the library with our land documents only to realise that the group that was there wasn't handling our case. Eventually, the particular group had come by and I couldn't resist telling the leader - a young lady with two guys as assistants - "Good Morning young lady, so you were the one who had refused to give me your name when we spoke last, over the telephone". She seemed to be momentarily uncomfortable - though I must hasten to add that that was never my intention - blurted out her name as Smita adding that she was going to tell her name but I'd cut the phone by then and smiled. She was beautiful and had a dazzling smile! You might ask me as to what that had to do with the resurvey. A valid one, I agree and shall move on to the actual survey which took not more than a half hour and they corrected their records on the basis of our inputs.

They took permission to have their packed lunches on our dining table and even took liberty to partake the curries brought for my lunch. Smita's sister, Priyadarshini, a graduate-in-the-making saw my grandfather's photograph on the mantelpiece and invited the attention of the others who, now, wanted to know our relationship. They parted as friends and took down my phone number.

Earlier at the library, I'd come across my cousin who'd been showing erratic behaviour ever since her son had married an elderly lady with two children and her daughter hadn't found a suitable boy as yet. Her husband could not stand the shock and succumbed to massive cardiac arrest soon after. She had become a recluse and refused to mingle with anyone. A relative got into trouble when he tried to strike a conversation with her while she was awaiting a bus, at the stop. She did offer condolences on mom's passing away and has said that she'd meet me tomorrow. Wonder what hell she's going through.


The purpose of my visit has been accomplished. Tomorrow is gonna be a 'flat' day as we used to say when there were no outdoors!

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