Saturday, January 7, 2017

A sublime paradox!

1. In Manipur.

    Irom Sharmila was the darling of her people when she fasted for 16 years against the imposition
    of the 'Armed Forces Special Powers Act'. There were threats from extremist groups that she'd
    be killed if she called off her fast! Ever since she'd called off her fast and married her friend,
    Desmond Coutinho - a British national - the very same people who'd worshiped her have thrown
    her off from that perch.

    She has begun her election campaign, riding her bicycle and organising small roadside meetings -
    the crowds are hardly any - to whip up a new political ethos, she says. It's hoped that her efforts
    will gain momentum and her meetings will attract more crowds as the election heat picks up. Hope
    it does and I shall pray for her victory.

    My doubt is, Did her folks want her only as a suffering mascot for their selfish reasons? Is she 
    unacceptable to them when she leads a normal life like them? How cruel!

2. The Bureaucratic Thinking.

     The Indian bureaucrat's thinking that he's above reproach is once again out in the open, this time
     in Kerala. Discontent has been brewing among the IAS fraternity for the last few months in the
     manner in which the Vigilance department, under Jacob Thomas, has been seeing a few of them
     for their omissions and commissions.

     The latest flash point is its decision to arraign additional chief secretary, Paul Antony, as the third
     accused in its probe against CPM leader, EP Jayarajan, for showing favouritism by appointing his
     kith and kin in governmental positions, overlooking merit and criteria! The IAS officers plan to
     go on mass leave on Monday and as a run up to it, have submitted their leave applications to the
     chief secretary to the government of Kerala.

     My doubt is, Once the bureaucrat is a party to a decision, how can he absolve himself of the
     error in the decision? How long can he insist that his boss and his subordinates are the only
     ones responsible?


Achu, Lekha and Rema had left for Tirur by a half past 9 to fetch the gold ring that Ammu is gonna slip onto Midhun's ring finger on their engagement day and were back by lunch time. So, that's yet another job done. Rema and Achu returned to Palakkad by a half past 5 and called up to say that they'd touched base by 8!

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