Sunday, January 22, 2017

News analysis.

Going through three news bytes that might have far reaching ramifications:-

 1. The Sport of Jallikkettu.

      The Supreme Court had banned the conduct of this sport - popular in Tamilnadu and played in
      the aftermath of the 'Pongal' festival. Through the sport, the best of the bulls are displayed to the
      farmers for mating their cows and it has been followed as a tradition. At times, it must be said
      that the bulls are made to go through inhuman behaviour and it's such unacceptable ill treatment
      that had forced the animal lovers - through PETA - to take up the issue with the highest court of
      the land seeking a total ban and indeed get it!

      However, the students all over the state, have initiated peaceful demonstrations everywhere,,
      beginning with the Marina Beach in Madras over the last few days, resulting in the central
      government permitting the state government to go ahead with the sport, through an ordinance.
      Consequently, the sport was held all over the state during the weekend but the protesting students
      are, now, demanding a legislation in Parliament to clear future impediments in the conduct of
      the sport!

      People power must be exercised when wrong things are carried out by those in power. And it's
      also the responsibility of the citizens to go to the courts for redressal of their grievances that are
      just and genuine.

 2. The Rising Frequency of Train Accidents.

     It's a known fact that successive governments had only paid lip service to the 'safety' aspects of
     the railways. Come budget time, all the railway ministers have launched populist schemes
     beginning with a slew of trains to/through  their parliamentary constituencies giving scant regard
     to the safety factor. The attitude was that the safety of the lakhs of people travelling by trains be

     So, there exists the problems of old tracks needing renewal, replacement of old coaches that
     carry passengers, even old wagons that ferry goods and the traffic and signalling systems that
     are crying for modernisation. And, as if this wasn't enough, the angle of sabotage by Pakistani
     elements has become a reality. The havoc that it can cause is much more than border skirmishes
     because the retaliatory action by the armed forces would have been swift and relentless. How do
     we avenge the death of innocent civilians in addition to the destruction of valuable railway stock?

 3. Increasing cases of Student Activism.

     Of late, Kerala is witness to rising student activism. That this state has always been politically
     charged notwithstanding, the activism has shown a trend that no discussions are welcome. Let's
     take the two cases that had happened/is continuing to happen:-

          (a) The Maharajah's College, Kochi.

                The Principal had taken action to remove the graffiti on the walls, within the campus and
                initiated disciplinary action on the students behind the childish act. Consequently, the
                students of the SFI group had burnt down the chair of the principal! It was an act of
                vandalism that should not be tolerated and rightfully, the entire faculty - irrespective of
                their political affiliations - had carried out a protest march in support of the Principal. The
                three responsible have been suspended by the SFI from the organisation. Wonder what
                punishment will the college give?

         (b) The Law Academy, Thiruvananthapuram.

               The student unions have been striking their classes for the last ten days demanding the
               resignation of its Principal, alleging favouritism and high handedness in the following:-

                      (i) Internal Assessment and
                     (ii) Marking of attendance.

        That both the Principals are women is another factor. It's a matter of concern that women
        are intimidated in this manner when the gentlemanly alternative of discussions, to arrive at a
        solution, is available.


The temperatures are rising steadily and I wonder what it would be as we pass through the summer months. With the north east monsoon being scanty, the state is staring at a severe drought condition!

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