Monday, January 2, 2017

Doing up the little things.

The day had begun with a bang when Lekha's assistant Preetha had rung her up to say that she was down with a bad cough and cold and that she wouldn't be coming for work today. Lekha, herself was recouping from a cough and cold and she'd to shoulder the additional responsibility, as we're having Aniyan and Usha ammayi to lunch. They'd gone to look up their daughter at Kozhikode and were returning to Kidangoor, after a quick 'darshan' of Guruvayurappan enroute and hence, the break.

Jitesh had reached by about a half past 9 to continue with his work. He'd misplaced his box of 'bits' and the first half hour went past, with him looking for that box but it turned to be an exercise in futility. I was only bothered about his work getting affected, without it, but he managed it beautifully. Our guests came in by 10 and Aniyan wasn't pleased about the way things were. We couldn't have told them not to come by because our maid was absent or for that matter, because the repair work was going on. Any such advice was liable to be misconstrued and we'd refrained from it by promising ourselves that we'd do the best within the circumstances!

Finally, we've enhanced the security of the house by putting in locking arrangements in a few cupboards and cabinets. The joints of the truss work - liable to rust, while a few exposed to direct weather, had already rusted - have been scraped with sand paper and a coat of primer applied. Nandan, who'd done the woodwork in the house, at the time of commissioning, was overseeing the serials and therefore, knew the inside out of things!

Aniyan and ammayi left for Kidangoor, a trifle after lunch. I was busy holding the ladder for Jitesh to do the work atop on the trusses and hence, had to have my lunch after them. The idea was to ensure that Jitesh's time wasn't wasted and he left after 3, after completing all the work.

The walk in the evening was nice and I'd picked up a few sundries on the way. Everyone whom I met, wanted to know as to how we'd spent the new year's eve and my answer that we'd spent a quiet evening watching television and catching up with friends and relatives over the telephone, mostly elicited a disappointed 'Oh'...........was that an expression to say as to how boring a guy I was, I wonder!


Another of those quiet days!

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