Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The civilians will never understand.......

The people in the civvy street will never understand the importance of the medals and awards that are presented to the uniformed personnel during occasions like the Republic day, the Independence day and the respective service's Raising day celebrations.

Now see the mess created insofar as the medals of the state's police force is concerned. On this Republic day, the state's police force will not get the Indian President's medals, honours and awards. The requisite information that was supposed to reach the home ministry of the central government was not sent on time and a blame game has already started on the political turf! Rather than pinpointing the problem area and take action against the defaulter, they've converted it to a political slugfest.......the actual offender quietly gets off, unscathed! A sad, recurring state of affairs in this country!!

Let's see the sequence of events that led to the monumental fiasco:-

     * Sep '16      The union home ministry asked the state government to send the list of police
                          personnel. The list is to be accompanied with the personnel's service records
                          and the annual confidential reports were to be sent. The names have to be cleared
                          by the state's IB and the CBI units.
     * Dec '16      The state's home ministry says that they'd uploaded the list on 30 Dec.
     * Jan '17       Reminder from the union home ministry sent on 03 Jan.

 Note. The net result is that the opportunity has been lost forever for the concerned police officers
           as there is no such provision for reconsidering the list on the eve of the Independence day.
           "Some of the officials would retire from service in the meantime". Sad!

And the real reason for this fiasco is that it is due to the ongoing tiff between the top IAS and IPS officers of the state!


Three of the guests have called themselves off from attending Ammu's betrothal ceremony because the train between Guruvayur and Punalur have been cancelled temporarily. Sad!

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