Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Wonder why they do this?

I'm gonna touch upon three things to show as to how hollow we can be. Wonder why we do this?

 (a) The 11th of January.

       Today happens to be the 51st Remembrance day of Lal Bahadur Shastri, our second Prime
       Minister, who had passed into the mist of time, at Tashkent, in the cold, wintry night of
       11 Jan '66. A leader who'd proved his mettle by his sagacity and simplicity in living. What
       was sad was that his party, the Congress and almost the entire media were silent and didn't
       seem to have the time to remember him.

       Probably, it's because he wasn't from a wealthy and influential family and there was no glamour
       in remembering him! How ungrateful, as a nation, can we be?

  (b) Destruction of Property.

        Student activists, across the political spectrum, have been on the rampage over the death of
        18 yr old, Jishnu Pranoy, a computer science student at the Nehru College of Engineering and
        Research at Pampady in Thrissur. He was found hanging in the hostel bathroom last week and
        it was rumoured that he was harassed by the college authorities for copying during the exams!
        The college's property has been damaged by the rampaging students with scant respect for the
        money and other resources spent on them.

        And we, now, hear that the boy had committed suicide as a 'note-on-those-lines' has been 
        recovered from his room by the investigating police team. Who'll answer for the vandalism
        and who'll pay for the replacement/repairs of the damaged equipment/furniture?

        Note. With an increasing tendency to be under the spotlight and to get their 15 minutes of
                  fame, guys blurt out to the media whatever comes into their minds, making truth the
                  biggest casualty. Guys, smarting for a fight, exploit the situation and take law into their
                  own hands! This is what has happened here and cannot be acceptable.

  (c) Cheap Statements to Grab Public Attention.

        BJP's MP, Sakshi Maharaj, has made a vitriolic statement at a public meeting in Meerut that
        the rise in population, in the country, has been due to the Muslim community. Another person,
        a district secretary of the BJP's Kerala unit, AN Radhakrishnan, has made vituperative
        statements about Malayalam film director, Kamal and has even gone to the extent of asking
        him to leave the country.

        Who has given these upstarts the freedom to mouth inanities and trample upon the fundamental
        rights of their fellow citizens? These guys must be brought to book for trying to create division
        among the peace loving population and the punishment meted out to them should act as a
        deterrent to the others who're thinking on similar lines!


The elderly lady of the Warriath House - we call her chechi and she has been restricting herself
to the innards of her house ever since her husband's death - has left for Aluva to board tomorrow's early morning flight to Doha, to be with her grand daughter - a recent mother. She has told us that she'd return after a fortnight though if her hosts would have it, they'd like her to stay on for six months! Sadly, her earlier confidence and radiance seem to have disappeared for ever!!


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