Sunday, January 29, 2017

The engagement ceremony.

Indira kunjamma, Pappi kunjamma, Gopu, Sanil and I were chatting away at the control room as the guests continued to trickle in. The late night arrivals were pleasantly surprised to see us awake to receive them while we're having a rocking time recounting old get togethers of the family, while remembering our elders who weren't amid us any more.

The two ladies had secured by a half past 1 and we, guys, went on for another one and a half hours before hitting the sack. I woke up three hours later and ensured the distribution of the 'bed coffee' to all the guests - though quite a few of them were already having their tete-e-tete with Guruvayoorappan! This serial had to be ensured as the spanking new hotel was yet to have its own embedded restaurant which was, incidentally, in the making and would be commissioned only in March, this year.

Once that serial was over, Sanil and I'd made a quick get away to 'The Quarterdeck' for our wash and change while my sisters had taken over the duties from us. Lekha was at 'The Quarterdeck' taking care of Ammu's dressing up by Seena, the beautician and the subsequent photography session by Unnikrishnan. We're back by breakfast time to oversee the serial.....a few of the guests were back for another 'darshan' of their favourite God.

The ceremony had begun promptly at 1130 hrs but not before they sent me on a hunt for twine/thread to 'bind' the horoscopes of Midhun and Ammu prior to being handed over to the would-be-bridegroom's father. As per custom, it's only during this time that the girl sits down to the right of the boy. It was, then, that the intentions were announced by our Nair Service Society's president, Sasi, after asking the guests assembled as to whether anyone had any objection to this 'coming together' of Midhun and Ammu. Since there were none, rings were exchanged between the boy and the girl after the bound horoscopes were handed over by the girl's father to the boy's father. They're officially engaged and it was announced that they'd get wedded on 21 May '17 at the Thrikkonnamarkodu temple's auditorium at Thalavoor, our village.

The lunch was simple though traditional and the guests were off on their return trips, soon after. There was a comical situation when a couple had wrongly joined us for lunch as they're actually the guests of a nearby wedding. Our caterers were hesitant to serve but I told them to accommodate them too because a guest must never go hungry, on being denied food!

The hotel rooms were handed over at 1500 hrs and the entire expenditure was cleared with two cheques of my account.


My close relations had conglomerated, thereafter, at my house and were seen off by the train bound for Madras Egmore via Thiruvananthapuram at 2120 hrs. The crowd will be disembarking at their destination at the unearthly hour of 0330 hrs!

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