Friday, January 27, 2017

Filling up the details.

The day had begun on a quiet note, went through the usual chores and was off for my morning walk. With Rema and Mini having come in, there was boisterousness in the air and a lot of yakkitiyak!

The two of them had gone to the temple while Sanil and the girls spent a quiet morning at home. An hour after lunch, we'd gone off to Radhan chettan's house. I'd not seen him since he came out of the hospital and it was a must that Ammu took his blessings on the occasion. He was, after all, the closest relation that we have out here. There was a procession of three elephants, pageants and festivities enroute to his house on account of the annual festivities of a nearby temple and hence, our movement was disrupted for over a quarter of an hour before we could reach the house, which is on a rocky hillock.

Radhan chettan looked better, his foot is still in bandage with the medical assistant dropping by, everyday, for renewing the dressing. He was quite thrilled to see us and Sathi chechi was quick to give us tea. He blessed my niece and I'd quietly slipped Rs.10 grand into his hand, as I knew that they're badly in need of money for his ongoing treatment and because of the ongoing erratic pension disbursal of the state road transport corporation! We'd gone in Sanil's car and I'd a bit of a problem while taking off for our return because a loose pile of rubble had given way as the car was trying to gather headway.

We're back home for another round of tea and I was glad that I'd gone through with the visit as Maheshwari peramma - at Bangalore - was monitoring everything that was going on around here. And I was particular that nothing wrong should happen towards the run up to the event and anything that was to be righted was to be done without hesitation.

While I'd gone for my evening walk, Lekha, my sisters and the children had gone to the temple. It was comparatively an early evening as tomorrow was gonna be hectic as the first lot of guests were to arrive by the morning train, that fetched up at Guruvayur @ 0600 hrs.


I'd rung up Unnikrishnan, the photographer, and cancelled the video coverage of the ceremony based on the advice of my close relations including Ammu!  


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