Friday, January 13, 2017

Much ado about nothing!

News, these days, is coming in thick and fast. Here is my opinion on one of them:-

                                         The KVIC Calendar and Diary

        A controversy has erupted over the Prime Minister's photograph, appearing on this year's
        calendar and diary of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission. He's seen working on
        a spinning wheel(Charka) and the familiar photograph of Mahatma Gandhi, doing the same
        has been removed! I'm gonna speak for both the sides to see as to whether there was any need
        to rake up this controversy at all.

        The pros.
             (a) Mahatma Gandhi has always been associated with being the pioneer to encourage the
                  spinning of home-spun khadi. Throughout the freedom struggle, he has been shown to
                  set aside some part of his time, everyday, for this activity and even indulged in it while
                  meeting dignitaries and guests who would call on him.
            (b) Being the 'Father of the nation' his continuing presence on such advertisements is 
                  accepted by the public as a process of showing our gratefulness to him as well as to
                  let the newer generations to know about the great man!
            (c) This is an act of sycophancy on the part of the commission.

         The cons.
            (a) Here we have a prime minister who has popularised the use of khadi - an agenda that 
                  he'd set to himself right on taking over office - and if the statistics of the Commission 
                  were to be believed, the growth rate of khadi sales has gone up to 34% in 2015 - '16
                  from a meagre 2-7% before!
            (b) And who knows, he also can wield the spinning wheel as depicted, thanks to his roots?
                  Now, the image is powerful enough to capture the imagination of the public which must
                  be the root cause of concern for his opponents! The politicians look at these symbols as
                  potential vote catchers!!
            (c) With the present youth and even many of their seniors, this is not at all important
                  compared to the more pressing issues of the day and the PM has time and again shown
                  that he abhors sycophancy!!! 

My take.

A matter that could be talked about and opinions expressed but definitely, doesn't require the importance that it's getting with all the unnecessary propaganda. But I must also say that it smacks of sycophancy on the part of the commission! Yet another case of 'Much ado about nothing'.


No one can replace Mahatma Gandhi in this country and almost the entire world has acknowledged the fact.


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