Sunday, January 15, 2017

Megha weds Srikanth.

We'd asked Ashraf to drop us in his auto rickshaw because driving my Chevy through the maze of traffic would have made me mad and finding a parking slot, close to the auditorium, could be time consuming. The returning traffic of vehicles, stacked with the Sabarimala pilgrims, was overwhelming and the roads were bursting at their seams!

Lekha and I'd fetched up at the Poonthaanam Auditorium, on the dot at a half past 10, in our Sunday bests. After the wedding was over by a quarter to 12, we'd joined up the long queue to felicitate Megha and Srikanth. As we waited for our turn, we'd the privilege of meeting up with Srikanth's parents and they're delighted to hear that we'd seen her from childhood.

.....And then, our turn came. It was a poignant moment, while I introduced ourselves to Srikanth as 'Megha's Rajeev uncle and Lekha aunty', Megha was quick to introduce us to him as, 'my parents'. She, then, touched our feet - a privilege that only we're privy to - among the huge gathering of friends and relatives that had assembled there at that time - I'm sure that many of them must have wondered about our special relationship with the young lady and a few of them must have, even felt envious! It was a touching moment and I realised that I'd given so little for this rare honour! Before parting I just said this to Srikanth, "Do take good care of our little girl" and he'd responded affirmatively.

There was a lump in my throat as though I was giving away my own and for the rest of the day, that feeling had prevailed. Here's wishing you the very best and all that you wish for, Megha, you shall always be in our thoughts and prayers! And here's wishing you both a long, happy and contended married life! May god be with you, always and every time!!

We'd then walked into the nearby, Gopika Regency to tie up the minute details of arrangements in connection with my niece, Ammu's betrothal ceremony on 29 Jan. While taking decisions on behalf of her parents I ask myself the simple question, "What would you've opted for, if it were to be for your daughter?" The answer was crystal clear, "The best, forget the costs".


Cine actor, Mohanlal has been announced 'Manorama's news maker of the year '16'. The award committee consisting of litterateur M Mukundan, Mohammed Hanish, CMD of Civil Supplies and Suja Susan George, Director of Malayalam Mission made the announcement this evening. He'd been shortlisted after a month long voting, by the public, online and by SMSes. It's crystal clear that his 'Fans association' must have gone on an overdrive to see that he got the maximum votes. What makes it worse is that he hasn't done anything spectacular during the year in consideration and the award committee gives the weak explanation that, "He's a popular actor who has the maximum influence on the public and shapes his acting along with the developing technology". Wonder what that means? I thought it was for his movie, 'Pulimurukan' having grossed Rs.100 crores, the first Malayalam film to do so but, then even if it were, the award should have gone to its director!

He was shortlisted along with O Rajagopal, MLA, Thomas Isaac, the state's finance minister and PR Sreejesh, the captain of the Indian hockey team.

If one were to ask me, PR Sreejesh is the clear winner for the enthusiasm with which he has played for the country, bringing laurels. Alas he doesn't have any 'fans' association' to bolster his chances and may I add, this is how awards lose their charm. Sad!   

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