Friday, March 31, 2017

A citizen's angst.

We've heard the oft repeated saying, "Justice delayed is justice denied". I'm gonna recount two happenings that had taken place in two different courts quite recently. Without much ado, here I go:-

 1. A citizen's Angst - Suicide at the Kerala High Court.

     KL Johnson, a 77 year old from Mulavana in Kollam, jumped to his death from the top of the
     High Court on Thursday. His last words. "I don't have any hope now that I would get justice....
     ....I'm going. Those responsible should be punished. He'd scribbled these words on the back of
     the complaints that he'd filed to the President of India, the Chief Justice of India and the Chief
     Justice of Kerala.

     As per a 'Mercy Petition', the land adjacent to his land was at a lower level and his house was on
     the verge of collapse because of work being carried out by the Chittumala block panchayat. The
     Kollam munsiff's court, based on his complaint, had directed the panchayat to construct a
     boundary wall at a length of 7 mts, the implementation of which was being delayed by the
     panchayat purposely.

     The poor gentleman must have been bewildered at being given the cold shoulder and the 
     apathy of the organisations that could have ensured him justice. Sad!   

 2. Justice After 24 years.

     In '93, Suresh Babu, an RSS worker who was employed in a workshop had got down at the
     Ottapilavu junction, near Kunnamkulam, from a road transport corporation bus after his day's
     work, to be brutally hacked to death by certain CPM workers. There were delays and stalling
     tactics resorted to by the accused and the father - he's no more, he'd passed into the mist of
     time in the course of the case - had filed 'denial of justice' petition. It was this complaint and the
     case that was heard by the Supreme Court which delivered the final verdict.

     Kalyani, Suresh Babu's mother, said that she was glad that her son has finally got justice,
     albeit, after a long wait!


A Supreme Court bench, headed by the Chief Justice of India, has ruled that it cannot stop 'hartals' because it is every individual's fundamental right to protest.


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