Tuesday, March 21, 2017

To Palakkad.

My sleep was broken at about 3 AM and I took the opportunity to recite my daily prayers. Sleep was quick to come by, consequently, but it was in fits and starts till I woke up Lekha at 5 AM. The chores were swiftly gone through, the shutting down of 'The Quarterdeck' accomplished with the minimum disruption and though I'd planned for a half past 7 get away, we could kick off 18 minutes later!

The journey was fine with no hiccups at all and thanks to the smooth traffic, we're at the deed writer's place before the appointed hour of 10 AM. We'd stopped in front of a small house where the lady-of-the-house permitted us to use their rest room, on my request, without any compunction. Damn sweet of Usha - yet another stranger who'd made my day with her magnanimous act! A cup of tea along with a snack from the road side vendor was simply delicious and he made us know that he was thrilled to have us as his customers.

The work at the deed writer's extended to more than an hour and a half as passport size photographs of the concerned had to be duplicated from the nearby studio. It's so natural to see the deed writer, the photographer and the photostat guy coexisting within the same premises because each is heavily dependent on the other! The younger sister and her husband had come in without delay and the formalities were gone through. The conversation was mainly between the deed writer, her assistant, Latha, Preetha and Asokan. Lekha and I uttered nothing throughout the duration of our stay despite the fact that it did concern Lekha!

Once the papers were ready, we'd headed for the Registrar's office where the registration formalities were gone through. Communicating through the deed writer, the following were accomplished:-

     (a) Assurance to Latha that the title deed for her house at Kottarakkara would be completed
          within a fortnight by Asokan.
     (b) The duplicate key of the Palakkad house - 'Krishnarchana' - was handed over to Lekha by
The fair copy of Lekha's title deed would fetch up within ten days, said the deed writer.

Soon after, we'd all gone to my sister, Rema's place. We cut her birthday cake and wasn't she thrilled? Latha and her family set off on their return to Kottarakkara without much ado. Rema hitched a hike with them to get dropped at her teaching center and returned at 6 PM.

Achu had organised a dinner for his mom at a nice restaurant to celebrate her birthday and the evening did get to be late! It was a nice evening!!


Hope Asokan keeps his word that he gave Latha towards the end. 

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