Thursday, March 30, 2017

Suresh's travails.

Suresh, my cousin Reshmi's husband, has been at the Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences since last Saturday. As I'd said earlier he has been complaining of a pain around the spot surrounding the surgery which graduates to a blackout and in the process, he had fallen down many a time. Thankfully, there has been no injuries. Subbu, had called him over and had put him through a PET scan, last Monday.

Its result showed a 'whitishness' on the nerve, at the spot where the surgery was performed, through which he used to complain about pain permeating towards the brain, resulting in the blackouts. The doctor, then, had decided to have a biopsy done on the 'whitishness' and since it was going to be painful, it was done in the operation theatre, under general anesthesia, today.

By evening, the results had come but to reconfirm the findings and I suppose to clear a few more lingering doubts, the doctor will put Suresh through an ultrasonic scan and SMAC, tomorrow.

Let me go a bit technical on this.

* SMAC is the trademark for a system that uses a computer to perform a multiple of different blood chemical tests from a single blood sample. A sequential multiple analysis, sort of!
* An SMAC blood test is more often known as a CMP(Complete Metabolic Panel)) or a chemistry panel. It's a panel of 14 separate measurements of chemicals in the blood that helps the doctor to diagnose a patient's overall health.
* The 14 chemicals that are measured in an SMAC can be separated into these categories:-
   - Electrolyte levels such as Na, K, Ca and Carbon Dioxide.
   - Kidney functions such as BUN and Creatinine.
   - Liver functions such as Proteins and Glucose.
* It may indicate that a patient is at risk for disorders such as diabetes, kidney or liver insufficiency 
   or he may have an electrolyte imbalance that needs to be corrected.
  Normal range of BUN(blood-urea nitrogen)-to-Creatinine ratio blood test? A typical adult range is
  1 unit of Creatinine for every 10 to 20 units of Blood-urea.

The sample is gonna be taken from the small hole on Suresh's cheek and it'll be painful.

So, god please:-

    * give Suresh the strength to absorb the pain and
  ** help Subbu to reach a conclusion so that the way out can be initiated at the earliest. 


1. Lekha and I had wished Indira kunjamma many happy returns, right in the morning. Remembered mom wishing her, along with us, last year. Mom used to be excited and made it a point to convey the greetings early in the morning itself because she wanted to be the first, always and kept a track of everyone's birthday as per the Malayalam calendar! 
2. I must end this on a sad note from what I'd observed of a nephew of mine, today. He wished his cousin - yes, there's a niece of mine who'd also celebrated her birthday as her Malayalam star spilled over to the first 7 hours of today - many happy returns on the family's What'sApp group while ignoring his grand aunt. He has a problem of wanting to be with people who're rich, famous and influential....guess he'll understand in due course that they don't have any meaning when life teaches him harsh lessons. I'd, however, attribute his behaviour to bad upbringing because he was a fine boy when he was young!

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