Thursday, March 23, 2017

The follow through.

The 'Nehru Villa', the first of the guest house suites of the Nehru College was our address for the night. Indira ma'am and Nayana were the occupants of the adjacent suite while, Manu, our sa'arthi occupied the sofa set of the sitting room.

It was a leisurely wake up call. Maman had switched off the fan before we turned off to sleep and the air conditioner, some time through the course of the night. The upshot of the whole thing was that I got up around a half past 6, sweating through all my pores!

We're in time for the morning session of the second day of the workshop and it was I who kicked off the proceedings with my 'personality essentials' to communicate with the people in the villages. It struck a chord from the feedback, post lecture, from everyone. Maman had taken the next session, explaining the 'Digi Gaon' exercise coupled with the step-by-step process of implementation.
The class of 150 students were, then, divided into seven groups and asked to spell out as to how they'd go about implementing what they'd learnt.

I'd the interesting task of going through the effort and pick the winner. The results were declared, followed by the prize and certificate distribution to the participants. The feedback from the students were recorded and the group photographs were taken. Many of the participants took turns to take selfies with Maman and me on their cellphones and I was quite amused but thrilled, to be frank!

We left the Nehru College by 4 o'clock and I was dropped at my sister's place, half an hour later. Maman and gang, then, proceeded for Thiruvananthapuram without coming up to my sister's place to avoid unnecessary delay.

Palakkad was exceptionally hot but it was nice yakkitiyakking with everyone. Achu came back from work at about 2300 hrs.


Maman and I have been asked to keep our last week of May for engaging the students with our lecture sessions. Moreover, the NGOs from Karur, Cuddalore and Udhagamandalam were quite eager to replicate our efforts at Coimbatore, in their districts, at the earliest. It will envisage a lot of travel but would definitely be interesting and we'd achieve our aim of letting the people of Tamilnadu know about the legendary PN Panicker!      

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