Saturday, March 18, 2017

The new chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Yogi Adityanath, who is known for his strong pro-Hindutva image is the chief minister designate of Uttar Pradesh. He's, currently, an MP from Gorakhpur and is also the head priest of the Gorakhnath temple.

By making a strident leader, whose controversial statements about how to deal with the people of other religions have got him into trouble earlier, as the state's chief minister, has Prime Minister Modi and the BJP made an error towards the run up to the parliamentary elections of 2019? Or is it a calculated move to get the Hindus into their fold? Only time will tell.

For being an effective chief minister, he needs to adapt himself to being an acceptable leader to everyone and will have to incorporate the following forthwith:-

      (a) Must endeavour and prove that whatever is attributed to him was poll time rhetoric(Though
           I, on a personal level, don't quite agree with that argument).
      (b) He needs to impress upon every section of the society that he requires each and everyone to
            help him work on his development agenda.
      (c) The notoriety and the lawlessness, that UP is known for, need to be put down with an iron
            hand in a free and fair manner.
      (d) He needs to send a clear message, right at the start, that 'Development for everyone' is his
           one and only agenda.
      (e) He must carry everyone along. Wonder how the sceptics will react to his overtures because
           they're only familiar with his strident Hindutva posturing?

Interesting possibilities there. Only hope that the state gets a reprieve and is set on the road to development, on the fast track!


Yet another new chapter in the political arena of this country. It's said that the RSS has been solidly behind this move.

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