Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lekha's medical review.

I'd got up before 4 and found that my sleep was gone for good. A quick wash and prayers were my answer for the early wake up so that when I woke up Lekha at 0430 hrs, I'd gone through most of my chores. Despite our best efforts we could leave 'The Quarterdeck' only at about 10' past 6. The roads were comparatively free and we're at our favourite haunt for breakfast by about a half past 7 but, though we'd our favourite breakfast of idlis, chutmey and sambar it lacked the usual zing! Perhaps, the slow manner in which the breakfast materialised had a cause for the mismatch

The onward drive was smooth and we reached 'Shenoy Care' by about a quarter past 9. The registration formalities, Lekha being seen by the junior doctor to take stock of her overall state of health, the wait till their morning classes were over and finally meeting Dr. Padmanabha Shenoy took about three hours. The doctor was glad about the progress that she's making which was very satisfying.

Lunch at 'Oottupura' was nice and Lekha left for her work soon after. During the two hours that she was at it, I'd parked the Chevy at Panampilli Nagar and browsed my mail. After a quick cup of coffee and vada, we'd finished the last bit of purchase and were, finally, off to Ramesh's place.

It was rewind time and we talked and talked about a host of things. It was Bindu's birthday and we'd come to know about it only after stepping into the house. Our efforts to take them out for the evening proved futile as she'd already made a scrumptious dinner.


My continuing efforts to rope in more of my classmates to join me in going to Palakkad and offer our condolences to Vinod Kumar Vasudev's wife didn't fructify as everyone had something or the other keeping them busy! Finally, it would be Josekutty Thomas, Jojy Kunchattil, Lekha and me that will set off northward soon after Jojy returns from his engagement at the nautical college. I reckon it will be about 1400 hrs when we'll, finally, be on our way.

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