Friday, March 10, 2017

Random thoughts.

A few things that have been happening around shows that time has passed on, bringing about changes to suit with the trends. Trivia, but interesting:-

 1. The Warriath House has got lively.

     Ever since the death of the patriarch, during the third week of last September, the house has been
     frequently kept locked as the old lady was first, staying with her son further ahead of 'The
     Quarterdeck' followed by a short trip to Dubai to spend time with her granddaughter and generally,      spent very little time in the house. The unlit house gave a brooding outlook during the nights. All
     that has become a thing of the past because her eldest daughter seems to have shifted from Aluva
     to this place for good, post retirement. The house is now agog with activity, thank god!

 2. The trip to Goa is on.

      During the third week of next month our naval course mates are getting together at Goa for old
      times' sake. I'd intimated the organisers about our participation and had sent the initial amount for
      the get together. Today, I'd spoken about my journey requirements to Paulson, who got our
      reservations done in a jiffy. It was then that the thought of walking long distances - on the
      railway platform, to begin with, to board one's coach - struck my mind. Lekha cannot afford to
      do that much of walking. Perhaps, the wheelchair has to be taken along to offset this difficulty!

 3. A weekend full of travel.

     Mini, my younger sister, and family are arriving at Palakkad by Saturday afternoon. Lekha has
     been asked to join up for certain purchases connected with my niece, Ammu's marriage while
     they're all there. Accordingly, she'll be boarding the 1215 hrs low floor bus to Palakkad tomorrow.
     On Sunday, I'd be off to Neelamperoor for achieving yet another milestone with respect to
     Muthachhan's 'Puthuvayil House' becoming a national monument!

 4. A quick remedy.

     I'd called the customer care of the Whirlpool to service the air conditioners and to repair the
     microwave oven. Mujib, the service rep, had dropped by soon after lunch and finished the work
     that was pending for a while. In the process, the power switch has become faulty which will be
     replaced tomorrow itself!


A quiet day, otherwise!    

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