Monday, March 20, 2017

The unexpected!

I'd seen off Sudharma by a half past 9 in an auto rickshaw. She was scheduled to visit the temple after which she'd proceed to Thiruvananthapuram. And within an hour, Lekha's elder sister, Latha and family had arrived. They'd come by for two reasons viz.:-

    (a) Their younger son, Anand, who's back from Tanzania was to visit the Thirumaandhaam Kunnu
          temple for a special puja to expedite his matrimony.
    (b) For her to sign the deed papers to transfer the Palakkad house and property of their dad to
          Lekha and her younger sister, Preetha.

Anticipating a foul play - consequent to the father's remembrance day advertisement without a mention of their names - by their younger brother-in-law, they'd proceeded to Palakkad to visit the bank where their dad had his pension account and had some money in the fixed deposit which was to mature shortly. They were shocked by the manager's report that the entire amount was withdrawn six months earlier, paying a tidy penalty for early withdrawal, prior to maturity!

They'd also visited the deed writer to inquire about tomorrow's proceedings. Latha had also expressed her misgivings about her younger sister not having signed the title deed of the house that she was currently living in, inherited from her dad. We'd supported her misgivings fully well knowing that it could delay the transfer of the Palakkad property to Lekha and her younger sister, Preetha.

I feel ashamed writing this because it shows as to how greedy and selfish one's own kith and kin become when it comes to sharing their rightful inheritances!

         *                           *                             *

They'd returned before sunset and I'd taken off for my customary walk. I'd planned to shut down 'The Quarterdeck' in the morning, though it was gonna be hectic. There were a lot of discussions as everyone reminisced these days of last year, soon after the passing away of Lekha's dad. The texture of the relationship between the sisters and the brother in Lekha's family had changed beyond repairs, all over a dispute in the right to their family property!


1. Yet another lesson learnt from life, the great teacher!
2. The bank manager had suggested sending a letter to the bank to get the details of the withdrawal of the Fixed Deposit based on the RTI. Armed with that information, he'd advised the sisters to take their younger sister to court by filing a case about the fraud. I cautioned them against the idea as it would become a long drawn out case, seemingly without an end.

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