Saturday, March 25, 2017

A quick, short trip.

It was a promise that had to be kept. I keep telling people that I might not be in continuous touch with them but I'm definitely bothered about what happens to them and at the appropriate time, they shall find me by their side!

The day had begun at 5 and after going through the chores I was out of the house before 6. The brisk walk and the recital of the prayers saw the thirty five minutes pass by in no time. There were a few household work like putting the bed linen into the washing machine and other small things that had to be done as they were my jobs. Eventually, by 9, I was out of the house.

Ashraf dropped me at the private bus stand and I could board the bus to Ernakulam just in time to see the conductor ring the double bell. The journey took a bit longer than usual because of the uncouth traffic enroute. I was on the rear most seat all through and didn't quite mind getting up each time to let in a passenger to take the inner, window side street.

I reached the Amritha Institute of Medical Sciences before 12 and came to know that Suresh had been admitted after meeting up with Subbu. I waited on for a while and could meet him after a meeting that he was attending. His smiling visage and 'We'll see what we've to do after the PET scan on Monday', put my cousin at ease. I shall keep my fingers crossed till the option of having to redo the surgery and replacing the 'piece in the mandible' is ruled out.

I'd a chance meeting of Bindu, my friend's wife, who'd come to collect the medicines for him undergoing the maintenance chemo. She needed a contact at Bangalore, who could get the medicines faster, cutting through red tapism and bureaucratic apathy! Had the number of a classmate of ours that was passed on. My cousin, Kannan was also there and it was nice to meet up with him, though beside a hospital bed!!

Suresh was, by then, allotted Room 2318 and we'd settled down to answer probing calls from relatives about Suresh's hospitalisation. He's a bit apprehensive, there's no doubt about that and I hope that it doesn't affect a speedy recovery. Lekshmi, meanwhile, had got us lunch and we broke bread together, without much ado. Soon after, around 4, Lekshmi and I left for our destinations in an auto rickshaw. At the main junction, on seeing a private bus bound for Guruvayur, I'd slipped out of the rick and made a dash to clamber on to the crowded bus. It was a tough bargain to hold on to my balance as the driver was very generous with the application of the brakes!


I'd got down at the Mammiyoor junction by a half past 6 and walked it to my house, from there, to compensate for my evening walk.     

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