Monday, March 27, 2017

News bytes........

1. The Munnar Encroachments.

     Munnar has again come into the limelight on the question of encroachments brought to light
     by the sustained efforts of the dynamic Sub Collector of Devikulam, Sreeram Venkitaraman.
     Many resorts are being constructed - and that too 10 and even 15 storeyed flats, when the cap
     on the floors is three - despite the slapping of 'stop building memos' by the revenue department!
     So, it's evident that there is a nexus between the government officials, the builders and wealthy            businessmen who wield considerable political clout.

     To top it all, the CPM MLA, Rajendran has built his house on encroached property that's actually
     the land of the state's electricity board!

     Why can't the government come clean on all the encroached land of Munnar? Or is it that it's
      a fertile area for future encroachments, whichever dispensation is in power? This is what is meant
      by 'open loot'. To have a farm in the hills and especially, at Munnar, is a status symbol, you see!

2. The Judicial Probe.

    The government has announced a 'judicial probe' into the phone sex charges against the former
    minister, AK Saseendran. This is against the police having ruled out a probe into the affair unless
    the woman involved lodged a complaint. It's yet another ploy by the government to tide over this
    messy situation, especially, when the Malappuram parliamentary election is due shortly. In other
    words, it's a quick decision to delay the inquiry!

    The terms of reference of the probe and as to who'll conduct it, will be decided tomorrow.


The heat is getting to be unbearable. The air conditioners are no more a luxury!

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