Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The 'Digi Gaon' workshop.

As per an earlier understanding between my Maman and me, I was to meet up with the Foundation's representatives at the Nehru Group of Institutions at Thirumalaipalayam near Madukkarai. Accordingly, I'd got up at my usual time, gone through my chores and Achu had dropped me at the bus stand to see me off by the road transport corporation's bus to Coimbatore.

I reached my destination by a half past 9 and after taking directions from Maman and realising the electrifying atmosphere prior to an event like this, I'd my final traversing of the remaining three kms done in an auto rickshaw, to be in time for the workshop. The chief guest was Madhuvantika, the young sub collector and additional district magistrate of Coimbatore, who's dynamic and positive minded.

The 'Digi Gaon' is nothing but bringing about e-literacy and thereby, a cashless economy encompassing the rural landscape within every district to the ultimate target of covering each of the 652 districts that exist in the country. The Foundation has been entrusted with bringing about this epoch making change in the southern region, consisting of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and of course, Kerala too. It has already begun this initiative in the state of Uttar Pradesh and hopes to cover about as many districts as possible within each state and we hope to be joined by other organisations in this mammoth yet noble endeavour.

The day passed off with a series of interactive sessions beginning with the inaugural meeting. The 150 students, selected by the institution, will be made instructors for imparting the nuances of e-literacy when they interact with the masses. They'll be the harbingers of change! Through this initiative, the Foundation is also trying to make them socially sensitive to the needs of the not-so-lucky- people around them.


In the evening, our team had gone to the city of Coimbatore to get a few things done for the valedictory function and to have our dinner. My earlier impression of the city from what I'd seen of it during the mid '80s, while I was posted at the naval establishment, Agrani, was turned upside down by today's traversing through a few of those familiar places like Gandhipuram, Oppanakkara street, the Railway station area etc. Time has moved through thirty years.........

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