Saturday, March 11, 2017

A quiet Saturday.

The day had begun at 6 with us going around our chores, as usual. The plants and the lawn could be watered thanks to the spurt of water from the municipality's water connection that's yet to go on full stream. The electrician was called to replace the faulty power switch for the air conditioner.

Lekha was dropped at the road transport corporation's bus stand and helped to embark the low floor bus bound for Palakkad at 1215 hrs. She got a nice seat and I left soon after, not waiting for the departure of the bus. The television was all about the election results of the five states where the Assembly elections were held. The BJP has expanded its footprint across the country but PM Narendra Modi was, clearly, the star. My personal opinion about it is as follows:-

   (a) Uttar Pradesh       Definitely a spectacular win. Couldn't believe the local leaders who said
                                     that their party would win more than 300 seats against the backdrop of the
                                     exit polls. Probably, they're aware of the ground realities! The BJP seems to
                                     have done its homework correctly. .
   (b) Punjab                 The Congress win was needed against the attitude of the Shiromani Akali
                                     Dal. The BJP has suffered as a coalition partner but where-o-where is
                                     Kejriwal? The AAP deserved to lose because of its contradictions and the
                                     people's fear that he might shift into their state as chief minister.
   (c) Goa                      Looks like it's a ding dong affair. AAP has not been able to make any dent
                                     despite the hype!
   (d) Uttarakhand         Another spectacular BJP win. Didn't Harish Rawat, the outgoing CM, deliver
                                     as one had heard or was it all a hype?
   (e) Manipur               BJP making inroads for the first time. Here, I feel sad for Irom Sharmila as
                                     she seems to have made no impact. Was her principled fight all these
                                     years in vain?

Akhilesh Yadav had committed the gravest error by dumping his dad and the electorate didn't spare him. The Indians, still, uphold values and the respect for one's parents is not negotiable!

I was just going through a lot of rhetoric by the opposition like Rahul Gandhi, Sitaram Yechury, Arvind Kejriwal and the others in the run up to the UP elections like:-

      (a) The Mohammed Aklakh fiasco when the poor gentleman was brutally killed for having
            beef in his house. (It was a false charge and it was a pure law and order problem that the
            state government had to act upon, instead the Akhilesh government blamed the Hindutva
            brigade and thereby the PM, which didn't stick).
      (b) The demonetisation drive was capitalised by the opposition as it shed copious tears at the
            poor being harassed and it even went to the extent of keeping track of the deaths that
            occurred due to it. (However, the common man realised that the difficulty was faced even
            by the rich and the mighty and he didn't mind his difficulties, instead lauded the PM in
            having taken a bold decision).
      (c) The Ramjas College fiasco was another front that it had opened to show the PM and his
            government in bad light just like the Kanhaiya Kumar and the Rohit Vemula incidents
            before the Bihar Assrmbly elections but this time, the game was out! That it didn't make
            a dent in these Assembly elections is clear.
      (d) Within the BJP, suddenly Rajnath Singh, Uma Bharti and the likes felt sorry for the party for
            not having fielded any Muslim candidates in the UP elections. Strange feelings, I must say,
            because the Prime Minister did overwhelm them with his blitzkreig!


Narendra Modi, has literally fought all sorts of adverse factors to spring this spectacular victory. He deserves the kudos for his hard work and perseverance towards brokering an enduring attachment with his people. Let's hope that he's galvanised enough to bring forth path breaking reforms to ensure that he becomes the Prime Minister, yet again, in 2019!  

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