Sunday, March 26, 2017

A quiet Sunday.

The heat was getting to be unbearable but we'd nothing to worry as there was no reason to make a foray outside and therefore, we're within the house roughing out the weather. I'd my second fortnightly appointment at the 'Amigos' and felt much lighter. The hair that had curled over the earlobes and the growth in the nostrils had begun to cause irritation.

My aunt from Thiruvananthapuram had called up to know as to what Subbu had told me about her son-in-law's present medical status. She was anxious about his health and extremely fearful as the astrological information predicts a difficult time for him though that period has already been transited by the end of last month. She was in tears and said that she'd called me to get over her melancholy because whatever I said, soothed her always. I didn't know as to whether it was appropriate to accept the compliment and therefore, chose to listen through it without offering a reaction.

Meanwhile there were queries from the other members of the family consequent to my announcing Suresh's admission at the Amritha hospital, in the family's What'sApp group. I'd mulled over it before putting the information for the group because it's my firm opinion that every member of the family must be aware of their relatives' difficulties as well as the successes because those are the essential factors that bond every member with one another within the family. Right now, Reshmi and Suresh need our attention and prayers to tide over a tricky milestone and if the others, as the members of the family, cannot provide that help, then what's so great about calling ourselves as family?

Kumar, the press man, eventually came by about 3 o'clock after a lapse of a fortnight though he did say that he'd come by last Thursday only to find the house locked. The stack of clothes kept on the ironing board did not take much time to be neatly tucked away into the wardrobes as Kumar went about his work in an efficient manner.

The walk, after sunset, was nice and I felt good having sweated it out with exercises!


AK Saseendran, the transport minister, tendered his resignation on account of an audio clip that was being transmitted by a news channel. In it, his conversation with a lady, that had sexual overtones, was being aired and without battling it out with the media, he'd made his exit out of the ministry Wonder whether a case can be filed under the circumstances viz.:-

      (a) No complaint has been lodged by the 'affected' person?
      (b) The taping of telephonic conversations has a twist, in that, it could have been done to trap
            the caller. The argument gathers strength as the clip was passed on to the media.

On a personal note, I'd interacted with him on the occasion of Muthachhan's birth anniversary on 01 Mar as he was one of the guests for our programme and found him to be a dignified minister. 

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