Monday, March 13, 2017

There we go again....

Going through the news bytes that grabbed the headlines today. It's interesting to note as to how opinions change, attitudes take a detour but so long as it is for the common good, it's welcome:-

  (a) Now we'll have six lane highway.

        The government has taken the decision of having a six lane national highway all through the
        state. The connected land acquisition becomes very messy and it mustn't be forgotten that the
        present dispensation, while in the opposition, had obstructed the process by saying that the
        'interests' of the land owners were being sacrificed!

        There's no doubt that the state needs wide roads of international class to make driving a
        pleasure and with the central median in place, many of the accidents will be avoided. However,
        the toughest part viz. the land acquisition has to be done swiftly, without fear or favour,
        following the laws of the land. Anyone who plays spoilsport must be dealt with harshly, without
        worrying about his political affiliation.

  (b) Many enemies?

        The state's vigilance chief, Jacob Thomas, seems to be having a lot many enemies. By his non
         relenting methods of searching for corruption, he seems to have rubbed many powerful
         shoulders of the IAS lobby the wrong way and that he has the chief minister's backing, bugs
         them. A whispering campaign against his decisions as the Director of Ports, has been going on
         for a while.

         Now, the media has brought up the fact that he has an undisclosed 50 acres of property in the
         Rajapalayam taluk of Virudhunagar in Tamilnadu.

         Will the latest allegation stymie his efforts as a crusader against corruption? Or is it yet
          another red herring thrown in by his detractors?

  (c) Kochi Metro, finally!
        The people of Kochi will have the 'Komet' for travelling from Aluva to Palarivattom - a
        stretch of 13 kms - by next month. After a lot of hassles, initially, over land acquisition and
        the tussle between the KMRL and the civic bodies, our metroman, Sri. E Sreedharan has
        pulled off the impossible by sticking to the schedule at a comparatively reduced cost.

        It's everyone's fond hope that Kochi's famed traffic congestion would become a thing of the
        past as the 'Komet' expands its footprint in the city in due course of time.


Meanwhile, the roadwork at the Kuthiraan is proceeding at a frenetic pace. Looking forward to a blemishless and carefree drive over the Kochi-Palakkad stretch without further delay!



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