Friday, March 24, 2017

Back at 'The Quarterdeck'.

It was a leisurely waking up and the chores were gone through. We left around a half past 8 as Rema and Achu had to go to collect her ayurvedic medicines by about a quarter past 9. The drive was nice except when, still in town, I'd to hit the emergency break when an errant guy on mobike wanted to cut across my way. When I asked him to be more careful and attentive, he vent his ire on me and I left it at that.....I'd no time to stop my vehicle to give him a tight slap for his impertinence and Lekha didn't want me to create a scene!

We reached our house by about a quarter past 10. The settling down was easier as the maid was available and going through the paces of her work. The soiled clothes, accumulated during the outing, was put into the washing machine and the bed linen changed and the old ones were put into the clothes basket - a task that was strictly mine. They'll be sorted out tomorrow.

My cousin had called from Thiruvananthapuram to give me the depressing news that her husband, Suresh, has had another blackout - the third within 48 hrs! The doctor, there, had confirmed that the metallic piece that has been inserted in the place of the cut portion of the mandible is causing an infection that was the cause of the blackouts. That part of the wound was taking longer to heal and hence, he was undergoing the 'hyperbaric oxygen therapy'(HBOT) as advised by Subbu. Moreover, the couple didn't want to move to Kochi, immediately, because their son's class X board exams were on.

All that had become inconsequential and they'd commenced their journey to Kochi by teatime. Actually, she'd given me the call to update me and I could make out her helplessness and anxiety as she talked to me. I told her that I'd fetch up at the Amritha hospital by the time they met up with Subbu. In fact, I'd talked to him too, soon after. Suresh might have to stay at the hospital for a few days or even, perhaps, undergo a corrective surgery which might enhance the duration.


Tomorrow's gonna be a hectic day, as I see it, but I need to rough it up for their sake!

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